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Join Parish Youth HUB: keeping the faith alive among teens

Updated: Jun 27

Parish Safeguarding Representative: Angela Froud

Youth Hub Coordinators: Jenn -,

and Ewa Grysztar, Suzanne Bell.

PARISH YOUTH HUB: Are you between 10 and 18 years and would like to be involved in building a Youth Hub?

We now have an active Youth Hub at St Luke & St Teresa Church; one that supports and encourages you in your spiritual discovery with God and serves our wider community- through volunteering, community service projects, or promoting social justice!

If you are interested in shaping our Youth Hub, please join the Yubbers! We meet from 12 – 2:30pm on every 4th Sunday of the month. Lunch is provided. Please for more information email our


CHILDREN AND YOUTH MASS: 2nd Sunday of the Month. All are welcome! We encourage parents to bring young people to the Mass, it's always a wonderful celebration with the young ones animating the Mass!

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION 2024: For more information contact the Catechists – Jacklyn 01963824898 and Kate 01963370081).

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